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At Tannahill, Lockhart and Clark Law, we have decades of exceptional, practical experience and knowledge in Real Estate Litigation.

The Role of a Real Estate Litigation Lawyer:

At Tannahill Lockhart & Clark Law we specialize in various forms of litigation, including real estate. Because when things go wrong with a real estate transaction, pending or otherwise, there is a critical, important role for a real estate litigation lawyer to play in areas such as commercial lease disputes, mortgage disputes or title disputes.

Specific examples of when litigation is needed:

  • There is an alleged breach of an agreement for purchase and sale.
  • A leasing dispute involving non-payment of rent and removal of fixtures.
  • Defending against a claim for payment of a disputed real estate commission.

We believe that, for the most part, people and business want to avoid being involved in litigation as it can consume huge amounts of time, energy, resources, and money; all of which are better devoted to more profitable activities. Litigation is an unpredictable process which can be slow and frustrating.

Adjudication before a judge or arbitrator who does not know the litigants themselves or their businesses is an out of date and impractical tool for dispute resolution in the modern world. However, when real estate litigation is unavoidable and required, our law firm is well equipped with the experience, knowledge, and resources to protect the interests of our clients.

Over the years we have come to understand that most clients want:

  1. A speedy and fair resolution of their disputes;
  2. And, if necessary, effective and precise use of litigation designed to make parties more willing to resolve the dispute on fair terms.

Our Approach to Litigation with Our Clients:

We review the merits of our client’s position carefully and provide realistic and forthright advice on the strength and weaknesses of our client’s position at the earliest possible stage, and as the matter progresses. We understand that the sooner parties know the legal and factual strengths and weaknesses of their case, the sooner they are likely to settle. A goal for our clients is to get them to this point as early as possible. In all such matters, we work with our clients to form a strategy which we consider to be the most likely to promote the earliest resolution of the litigation in all the circumstances.

The Importance of Having a Lawyer Involved in Your Real Estate Transactions:

Buying or selling a house is an exciting and stressful time. The following video, produced by the Law Society of Upper Canada, discusses how lawyers can help you protect your interests in a real estate transaction.

Further Information and Resources on Real Estate Law from Tannahill, Lockhart & Clark:

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Take advantage of our years of experience and knowledge:

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